Save Money on Corporate Insolvency Advice

Corporate insolvency is hopefully a service that you will only ever use rarely.

Insolvency practitioners know that they have a very profitable profession because of the supply and demand of their services in the current climate.

It is difficult for people outside of the industry to attempt estimate the costs of the service and even harder for them to negotiate these costs.

Emerald was set up in part because the corporate insolvency process is not only complicated but confusing for most SME businesses.

And If the IP states he will look after you – ask them to put it in writing!

The reality is that, when they are appointed at the creditors meeting, from then on they have a duty to in law to represent the interest of the creditors AGAINST YOU.

So in essence they “FLIP” to the other side.

We are not Licensed Insolvency Practitioners therefore we can be on your side at every stage.

We work independently with, not for, Licensed Insolvency Practitioners on a case by case basis and focus on obtaining the best commercial result for you at no extra cost and often with significant savings.

We operate a no extra cost service that minimises the costs of corporate insolvency by:

  1. Producing as much of the preparatory work needed to start the insolvency before handing it to an Insolvency Practitioner saving both you and the creditors costs.
  2. Estimating the costs of the insolvency based on experience and market values.
  3. Sourcing and negotiating the costs of the insolvency to a commercially realistic level.

Even if you have already received a competitive quote from an Insolvency Practitioner we guarantee we can save you money.