Engage a Licensed Insolvency Practitioner

It is important to state that in the United Kingdom, only an authorised or licensed Insolvency Practitioner (IP) may be appointed in relation to formal insolvency procedures.

If you have been introduced to someone who is about to be the liquidator of your company or your supervisor in an arrangement and he states he will look after you – ask him to put it in writing!

They can`t because their duty by law is to protect your creditors, NOT YOU, if they are acting as a liquidator.

Emerald are independent consultants that work with, not for insolvency practitioners across the UK on a case by case basis.

Unlike Insolvency practitioners we have no statutory duty to represent your creditors, our only concern is saving you money.

We understand how the insolvency process works, the fees involved and how to getting the best commercial result for you going forward.

Whats more if you have already had a quote we will guarantee to save you money.

Even if you shut down, restart, and your creditors see nothing – you would have still demonstrated that you took the professional approach.

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